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Central Receiving Records Storage
Central Receiving's staff members manage the non-current records storage program for the University. We currently have a 7,000 square foot mezzanine in warehouse building 16E allocated to support this program.

Requests for pick-up of your non-current records may be faxed to (407) 823-3113. For small requests (one or two boxes), we will try to work the pick-up in with our normal delivery schedule the same day or next day. For large requests, we'll make an appointment, normally between 8:00am to 9:00am.

As of July 2011, our storage area is filled to capacity. In order to add records to storage, departments must identify an equal amount of records for destruction (out with the old, in with the new). Some additional resources to assist you may be found at:

The process of obtaining permission to destroy records can take from one to three months so advanced planning is critical. Please also note that the records we store are no longer active, but not old enough to be destroyed. Occasionally, you may need to review your stored records.

With the exception of the Inspector General's Office, "check-in/check-out" service is not available. We do offer, however, an area within the storage zone in which you may review your records if advanced notice is provided. Please fax all records review requests to (407) 823-3113.

Some additional helpful tips:

  • To maximize spacing, please be sure to use standard 12" x 10" x 24" two-cube bankers boxes
  • Please use the State Mandated labeling requirements so that your box will be more easily located at a future date.
  • If original records have been copied to another medium such as microfiche, the original records may be destroyed.

Does your department have documents or other memorabilia, past the required retention period, that could be of historical significance to UCF? If so, please consider transferring these items to the UCF Special Collections & University Archives. For more information, please visit http://library.ucf.edu/SpecialCollections/Archives/RecordsTransfer.php

There are many local companies that store records. One such company is Business Archives. Their web address is www.BusinessArchives.com . We are not endorsing or recommending a particular company, but departments may have requirements that are beyond our capability or capacity. (We will gladly list links to any records storage or destruction company wishing to offer their services to UCF)


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