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Building 16E
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Welcome to Central Receiving!
"Dock to dock and door to door, Central Receiving delivers more!"

UCF Central Receiving receives, processes, stages and delivers almost all property, parcels, and packages for the UCF community. Property is defined as any item purchased by the University with a value of $5,000 or more and has an expected life of one year or greater. Parcels and packages may be anything from the delivery of a large piece of equipment to a small box of office supplies.

Each year we average over 40,000 inbound shipments, but did you know that Central Receiving also assists with...

  • ...the pickup and storage of non-current records that are no longer needed by departments?
  • ...the courtesy storage of diploma covers for upcoming graduates?
  • ...the customer service management functions for clients of Central Stores and Surplus Property?
  • ...the pickup and storage of "attic" stock from new construction projects?
  • ...the daily staging and deliveries for the Facilities Operations Maintenance Zones?
  • ...custom logistics and material handling work?

For inbound freight shipments, Central Receiving's address is:

University of Central Florida
Central Receiving Building 16E
3540 East Perseus Loop
Orlando, FL 32816-3600

Please note that we receive a lot of "junk" deliveries on a daily basis and for liability purposes cannot blindly accept freight without proper documentation. If you have a delivery scheduled for receiving at our main warehouse, please be sure that your vendor or shipper includes your name, office extension, department, Purchase Order information (if applicable), and building name or number on the shipping paperwork and on the truck bill of lading to ensure receipt.



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